Dear friend,

DID YOU KNOW: Some stats show the average person can gain 6-15 pounds throughout the holiday season? Busy schedules, holiday parties and stress lead to this dramatic weight gain. More importantly, this lifestyle is unhealthy and prevents us from our ultimate goal of becoming fit.

Isn't it frustrating that throughout the year you work so hard to lose weight, burn fat, build lean muscle and try to stay healthy only to lose it all by gaining up to 15lbs of fat during this time?

What if I told you that you can go through the holidays and not worry about putting on a pound.

In fact what if I told you that you can go through the holidays season and even lose weight.

I am SO EXCITED to share this incredible news with you!

But First...

I know how frustrating it can be attending party after party, function after function, eating lots of yummy holiday treats, and gaining unwanted pounds only to feel stressed out and defeated

The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed.

It's a time to give thanks and celebrate with friends and family members. Unfortunately, the season can also be the most stressed, lonely and unhealthy time of the year.

And like me you probably try to make a clear effort NOT to gain any weight this year during the holidays or worse yet you succumb to the pressure of all the treats and just say you will start in the new year.

We all know how that ends, another failed New Years Fitness Resolution.

And even if you try to get in a couple of extra workouts, or take the stairs at work or perhaps a few extra laps around the block you still find yourself ill-equipped with information and resources you need to get fit and stay fit.

And after 4 weeks of trying to "BE GOOD" you still end up struggling to fit into those party dresses or pants and end up:

But You Don't Have to worry anymore.

I feel your pain. That's right I have been where you are.
Overweight, Frustrated and out of Shape.

If you look at the picture below, that was me at a whopping 210lbs with MALE PMS (Puffy Muscle Syndrome). Although at times I looked like I was in shape, I was really big, soft and fat around the mid-section. They used to call me Buddha because I had a huge beer belly.

So what does this mean for you?

Imagine being able to lose weight and stay fit during Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, and any other eat-anything-you-want occasion you can think of.

Well I am glad to let you know that this year is going to be different for you.

This is the year not only are not going to gain any unwanted fat but you are going to burn fat and lose weight while still enjoying everything the festive season has to offer.

The perfect solution for your busy holiday season lives.

There are more parties to attend between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day than any other time of the year.

Although the community and fellowship is good, constantly eating party food doesn't do much for our weight and stress levels.

It is possible to become extremely busy over the holiday season. But being busy is no reason to be unhealthy. The Survival Kit includes 4 metabolic workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime.

Below are 4 workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime.

All of the workouts are designed to take 15-25 minutes and only use the best piece of workout equipment: Your body.

I love holiday food!

Big meals with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese are some of my favorites. Don't forget about the desserts. Every party and gathering of the season will have a limitless supply of baked goods to enjoy.

Unfortunately, we can't eat these foods all of the time and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Proper nutrition plays a major role in being able to perform our daily activities to the best of our abilities. Continually eating foods that aren't "good" for us will not only lead to unwanted weight gain but cause an increase in lethargy, emotional instability and motivation.

Let's Talk about Nutrition, Baby!

The Holiday Nutrition Guide provides simple, stress-free, no nonsense information that you can apply today. This is by far the easiest way to eat for improved health and body composition.

The following pages will help you make better nutritional decisions over the next 2 months

It's important to remember that this time of year causes as much mental fatigue as it does physical. The busyness of the season makes our mind work overtime. Many times we may not be physically exhausted but mentally burnt out. In order for us to enjoy the season we must keep our minds sharp and refreshed. Try adding the following tips into your daily routine to help reduce stress and add enjoyment to "the most wonderful time of the year."